With Soo Much To Gain, You Will Always Win

Saves You Time

Absences, vacations, illness or special projects can leave you scrambling to find replacements. Simplex HR saves time used in interviewing and recruiting applicants.

Saves You Money

Partnering with Simplex HR eliminates your recruitment and hiring costs. Plus you pay nothing extra for our employees. No payroll, deduction, incentives, WCIB claims, Benefits or severance costs of any kind.


With Simplex HR on your side, you will easily be able to adapt to market demands within your industry. With qualified workers just a phone call away, expanding your company when required, can be done with ease.

Guaranteed Quality

You can count on our proven client profiling methods to find the right employees. To ensure the quality of the services, each Simplex HR employee is carefully screened and tested thoroughly.

Peace of Mind

Our 24/7 employer hotline ensures that we do not give up an opportunity to provide excellent services to you. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, when you need Simplex HR we will be there for you. We are ready with skilled and available individuals to work, with an experienced executive team of consultants.

A Unique Profile Is Build For Your Company

We create an employer profile for each of our clients to ensure that the perfect match between the employee and the employer is attained. By analyzing the skills required by your company we guarantee the greatest level of satisfaction and even begin to recruit specific skilled employees before you need them.

Easy and Conveniesnt

A simple phone call is all it takes to get quality, dedicated and enthusiastic workers to your company! Paying is simple too. Only one invoice is required instead of having to manage an entire payroll.